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Reliable Hosting

Trusted by over 400 hosting clients, we provide quality and afforadable web hosting

Web Design

We not only host, we also provide complete web design services as well as logo design.

Email Hosting

We offer email services from basic to a premium web mail service

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A web presence will help you connect with the wider community. Start with good Web Hosting


We don't just provide hosting - we are also a team of Christian Web Designers.

We have over 200 web site design projects under our belt, and can handle your web design needs.

We use modern templates and designs and are up-to-date with the latest social media trends as well as the latest security threats - and we put it all to work to help you get the most out of your web site.

Our specialist web design services include 'content management' - enabling you/your team to easily manage and update the web site. We provide tutorials and support to help you best maintain your web site.

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Web Design Services

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Email Hosting

Email Hosting

We offer a range of services from simple office email addresses to a premium web mail solution synced to smart phone devices

Christian Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We have business and church/charity plans available to suit most hosting needs


Web Design

Using cutting-edge technology, we can design web sites that are smart phone friendly and tailored for social media

Christian Web Hosting

About Christian Web Hosting

We provide quality Christian web design and web hosting services.

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